Camryn’s Story

Camryn’s Story as written by her. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

“My name is Camry Grant, and this is my third year being an athlete with Special Olympics. I participate in cross country skiing, curling, and golf. My life before Special Olympics was good because in school, I got to play volleyball, badminton, and soccer. Once I left high school, I was not doing sports until I joined Special Olympics. Special Olympics was recommended to me by a clinical psychologist following some testing. My parents helped me get enrolled in the three sports and I love all three. 

The biggest difference in my life is that now I have places to go and keeping active and I am starting to make new friends. My experience with my first Nationals games was amazing and I will never forget it. I went for cross country skiing. I was very nervous because I was still new to the sport and I heard that the course was difficult. I trained as much as possible and felt more confident as the Games got closer. Once I was there, I loved every minute of being there. I got to meet Athletes from all over Canada and still keep in touch with some of the athletes. The best part was that I won a silver medal in the 2.5KM event. I was not expecting to win any medals; I was just going for the experience and I know I already want to go back again to compete in cross country skiing. 

When in-person programs shut down, I did very little activity and fell out of a healthy routine. It was actually my experience at Nationals that motivated me to get back on track. I created an inspirational board with pictures and put it up in my bedroom. It is harder to do it on my own, but with the Special Olympics challenges and social nights, it has made it easier. I do miss the in-person programs, but I have something to do almost every night online, and that is great.”