Special Olympics Manitoba Excited for Upcoming Community Festivals

Passionate individuals and communities are vital to Special Olympics Manitoba’s (SOM) ability to offer sport programs to athletes throughout the province. Where there’s passion, SOM is eager to explore growth possibilities! Over the next two weekends, we are excited to actively participate with two communities displaying and celebrating their community passion! We are thrilled to be a part of two very popular community festivals in Manitoba: Stonewall Quarry Days and the Morden Corn and Apple Festival!

This upcoming weekend (August 14-16), we are looking forward to celebrating and connecting with those attending the 2015 Stonewall Quarry Days! The three-day festival will offer attendees a wide range of activity opportunities, for all ages to enjoy. A sample of the events include amusement rides, live music entertainment, Quarry tours and fireworks displays. It will be a fun weekend for the entire family! You can see a full schedule of events for this year’s festival by following the link: http://www.stonewallquarrydays.ca/schedule.

We will continue the community festival road trip the following weekend (August 21-23) in Morden. The Corn and Apple Belt community will once again (48 years after the first Morden Corn and Apple Festival) surely have a tremendous turnout over the three days. The festival prides itself on capturing and displaying the volunteer spirit which runs deep through the community, making it an excellent match with SOM. The full festival schedule can be seen through the link: http://cornandapple.com/schedule.

Stonewall and Morden are two communities in the Interlake and Central regions respectively that SOM is very interested in exploring growth possibilities. Within Stonewall, we would love to grow and build on the current In the Schools program with Stonewall Collegiate Institute. Developing program opportunities in Morden would not only enable potential athletes in the community with an avenue to participate in sport but would also establish a close community relationship with programs currently running in Winkler.

With this in mind and always striving to offer sport opportunities to all interested athletes, we are looking forward to the promotion and awareness over the next two weekends! The chance to connect with potential athletes and volunteers is incredibly valuable! The dedication, passion and spirit of our volunteers foster the ability to offer sport training and competition experiences to athletes.

The forecast looks beautiful for the next two August weekends! So come on out and enjoy the hot, sunny weather and be a part of the community celebration! While you are enjoying the festival please be sure to stop by the Special Olympics Manitoba booth! We would love to share the tremendous experiences that are possible by being involved with SOM! At the Morden Corn and Apple Festival you will be able to meet a few local athletes and members of the SOM provincial team!

We would love to meet you and share the wonderful experiences possible with SOM!

Hope to see you on the weekend!!