Volunteer Highlight: Doreen Miles

For those in the Parkland region, this volunteer needs no introduction. Having dedicated over a decade to the athletes in her region, Doreen Miles has done it all. From assistant coaching bowling, bocce, floor hockey, and athletics, to arranging and overseeing the training of Provincial and National Team athletes, to being a member of the regional leadership team, there's nothing Doreen hasn't had her hand in. 

"My enjoyment comes from seeing so many happy faces doing what they love to do," says Doreen. "To see them being included in activities that had them sitting on the sidelines otherwise. Special Olympics gave them that opportunity.. when I think of Special Olympics I smile because someone's life has been made better."

A champion of inclusion, even before her involvement with our organization, Doreen's love for the athletes is palpable. 

"I have volunteered for many things over the years," continued Doreen. "But SOM has been the group that captured my heart and continues to do."

Always willing to help and always sporting the biggest smile, there is no one quite like her! Thank you a million times over for being a part of our Special Olympics Manitoba community, Doreen.

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