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Former Special Olympics Manitoba, President and CEO, Simon Mundey retired September 30, 2016. With over 28 years of devoted service to the organization, his passion, leadership, and vision was unparalleled and has steered the organization toward the success it sees today.

Simon’s involvement with Special Olympics Manitoba began in 1987 when he started coaching; his passion for sport and his love for the athletes led him to the organization. He has attended three World Games: first as a Team Canada coach in Minnesota in 1991, then as Team Canada Mission Staff in 1997 in Ontario and finally as Mission Staff for Team Canada in 1999 in North Carolina.

In 1988, Simon was hired as Technical Director, moved onto Regional Manager, then Program Director and, eventually, found his current role as President and CEO in 2002. Other attributes include serving on the North American Leadership Council from 2009 to present where he sat as chair for five years. Simon’s demonstration of leadership has been shared throughout North America; he has been an asset to the growth of the Special Olympics movement and is an inspiration to the staff, board, and community alike.

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