Volunteer Highlight: Lena Kublick

Without volunteers to run weekly programs at the club level, our organization simply wouldn’t exist. Lena Kublick is one of those volunteers who stepped up to the plate to guarantee athletes in the Interlake region would continue to have quality sport opportunities. 

When Interlake Athletics, a club out of Selkirk, was in danger of being shut down in 2019, Lena took it upon herself to ensure the program kept running. The two coaches at the time were moving out of the province and wanted to see their program continue to succeed.

What Lena did not expect, was how much she would get back from this community. She fully believes that she gets far more than she gives.

“Interlake Athletics focuses on fitness, strength, flexibility and healthy lifestyle, but it is also a tight-knit community that supports, encourages and is sincerely interested in what is going on in each other’s lives,” says Lena. “I have never met such a welcoming group of incredible people. I can honestly say that it’s the best 2 hours of my week!”

Our Interlake athletes are incredibly lucky to have someone so invested in their well-being on, and off, the field.


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