2017 Provincial Summer Games - Bocce Results

Mother Nature was kind to us for most of the day out at Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club. Here are the Bocce results:

Female Competitive

Division 1

1st – Helena Dyck (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

2nd – Helen Berg (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

3rd – Diane Fehr (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

Division 2

1st – Darcie Godard (Kildonan Krashers – Winnipeg Region)

2nd – Kim Zeghers (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

3rd – Marina Friesen (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

Male Competitive

Division 1

1st – Philip Bialk (MLO – Winnipeg Region)

2nd – Keith Peters (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

3rd – Norman Peters (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

Division 2

1st – Rick Zimmer (Fireballs – Parkland Region)

2nd – David Cheyne (Kildonan Krashers – Winnipeg Region)

3rd – Edward Harder (Winkler Wizzards – Central Region)

Female Participation

Division 1

1st – Jules Gilliard (Portage Stampeders – Central Region)

2nd – Amanda Johnson (MLO – Winnipeg Region)

3rd – Belle Andrushuk (Portage Stampeders – Central Region)

Male Participation

Division 1

1st – Graeme Sloane (Fireballs – Parkland Region)

2nd – Erik Andersen (Interlake Athletics – Interlake Region)

3rd – Zachary Lavallee (Portage Stampeders – Central Region)

Team Competition

1st-Winkler Wizzards (Central Region)

2nd- Fireball Krashers (Parkland Region)

3rd-Mona Lisa (Winnipeg Region)