Family or Group Home Administrator Already Registered

***Athletes can only register themselves if they are their own legal guardians. If you are an athlete but not your own legal guardian or under age 18, please have your legal guardian complete this registration.

  1. Open the following link in a new tab:
  2. Chose the Family or Group Home Administrator, whichever applies
  3. Click on ‘Add Athlete Enrollment’ on the right side of the page
  4. Indicate if you are the Athlete’s legal guardian and enter the Athlete’s information. You can register multiple athletes using the same email address.
    Click on ‘Next Step – Validate Member’
  5. If the Athlete has previously been enrolled on the system, they will receive a validation number that you can enter into the system to make sure their record and this enrolment are tied together. Otherwise click on “Next Step – Waivers’
  6. If you are the Athletes legal guardian, you can now complete the waivers. If you are not their Legal Guardian, please print the waivers off, have their Legal Guardian complete them and return them to the Special Olympics Office by mail at 304-145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6 or scan and email them to
    Click on ‘Next Step – Program Search’
  7. Do a program search for the Athlete’s desired program. The easiest way to do this is to insert the Chapter, Region and Sport. Click ‘Search’.
  8. Once you find the program you are searching for, put a check mark into the box to the left of the club name and click on ‘Next Step – Add Program Participant Profile
  9. Fill out all the information possible in the “Profile’, ‘Addresses’ and ‘Medical Information’ by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the page.
    Remember, here in Manitoba, we have two medical numbers. When filling out the medical tab, please include both numbers with a space between (6 digits, space, 9 digits)
    Click on ‘Next Step – Enrollment Details’
  10. Confirm that the enrollment details are correct. Click ‘Next Step – Payment Information’
  11. Note your balance. After you are completed, you can click on ‘Family/Group Balance’ on the menu on the right side and proceed with payment.
    Click on ‘Submit Enrollment’
  12. You can now proceed to enroll another athlete or add additional clubs by clicking on ‘Add Athlete Enrollment’ and repeating the process. Remember, if the athlete belongs to a club that trains in more than one sport (ex. EK Eagles) you must enroll in both sports: EK Eagles – Snowshoe and EK Eagles – Track.
    After you have completed registering your athlete/s, please click on 'My Profile' on the right hand side of the page and confirm and update your information there.