Enroll in a Program- Athlete

  1. In a new tab, login to the portal using the following link: https://portal.specialolympics.ca/login
    Select 'Athlete- Join Program' from the navigation tabs on the right side of the page.
  2. Press 'Next Step- Waivers'
  3. Select the appropriate waiver answers from the drop down menus, then press Next Step- Program Search.
  4. Use the 'Chapter'and 'Sport' drop-down menus to search for programs available in your area. Select the club in which you are enrolling, then select 'Next Step- Enrollment Details' near the bottom of the page.
  5. Confirm all the information under your profile (especially the medical information) is correct.
  6. Confirm the enrollment details, then select 'Next Step- Payment Information'. Finally, select 'Submit Enrollment' to complete the process.
  7. If you want to enroll in more clubs, click on 'Add Enrollment' and Enroll for the second club and so forth.
  8. If the club you belong to does more than one sport (for example the EK Rascals), you will have to enroll for each sports the club does (EK Rascals - Snowshoe; EK Rascals - Track)