Enroll Yourself in a Program

  1. In a new tab, login to the portal: https://portal.specialolympics.ca/login.
    Select 'Add Me As Volunteer' from the navigation tabs on the right side of the page.
  2. Press 'Next Step- Waivers'
  3. Select the appropriate waiver answers from the drop down menus, then press 'Next Step- Program Search'.
  4. Enter your community or sport information into the drop down menus. Press 'Search' and select the appropriate program. When finished, press 'Next Step- Enrollment Details'. Please note that you can only add one program enrollment at a time.
  5. If you have not already completed your profile, please do now. It is important we have your medical information in case there is a medical issue while you are coaching.
  6. Review your information, then select the appropriate Volunteer 'Category' and 'Role'. When you have finished, press 'Submit Enrollment'.
    If your program is one that does more than one sport (ex. EK Rascals), once you are finished enrolling for one sport you will have to use the 'Add Enrollment' button to enroll for all sports the program does (EK Rascals - Snowshoe, EK Rascals - Track)