Paying for Programs

Please note: You will only be able to pay for your programs online once they have been approved by your Local/Community Coordinator- this is a manual process that may take 1-2 business days. If you cannot pay online, please get in touch with your local community.

  1. In a new tab, log into the portal using the following link:
  2. Select "Continue" next to your participant role.
  3. Select "Family/Group Balance" from the navigational menu on the right hand side of the screen.
  4. Here, you can see your total amount due under "Family/Group Balance". You can see a breakdown of this amount for each program you are participating in under "Unpaid Enrollments". To pay this balance, select 'PayBalance'
    You can chose which enrollments are you are paying for checking beside those enrollments.
    If you do not have a credit card or must pay in cash, mail cheques to Special Olympics in your region (addresses can be found under 'Regions' on our web site) and cash can be paid at your regional registration event or at the SOM office at 304-145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg. If you have any questions, contact your Regional Registration Coordinator or SOM at
  5. If you already have a valid credit card in our system, skip to step 7. Otherwise, select "Add Credit Card".
  6. Enter the relevant information into the text boxes as shown. Be sure to enter expiration date in the form MMYY. Once you have done this, select "Save".
  7. You can view your added credit card(s) as shown. To continue, select "Next Step- Process Payment".
  8. Select the card you wish to use under "Choose Payment Method". The last 4 digits of the card and the expiry date are shown. Once you have selected the credit card you wish to pay with, select "Submit Payment".