Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities & Descriptions

Program Volunteers & Coaches

Join the team of program volunteers and coaches who directly provide training for athletes in eighteen different sports. They work with athletes to improve basic motor skills, teach sport-specific skills, and prepare athletes for competition. The time commitment is one to two sessions each week for 1 to 2 ½ hours. Some weekends are required for competition. Be a part of athletes achieving their goals and help capture the spirit of Special Olympics!

Check out your region’s Program Guide under ‘Who We Are’ tab at the top of the website to explore the various programming opportunities!


Event Volunteer

Experience the energy of a Special Olympics Manitoba event! Spend an exciting day at a competition timing races, measuring long jumps, serving lunches and much more. Special Olympics Manitoba also holds many fundraising events throughout the year. Attend one of these fun events as a volunteer and assist with raffle tickets, auction, set-up and take part in the production of a huge event.

Upcoming Event Volunteer Opportunities

MARCH 25 - John Lauder Swim Meet |  SIGN UP HERE!

APRIL 11/13 - School Programs - Bocce Events |  SIGN UP HERE!

APRIL 15 - Kinsmen Indoor Track & Field Meet |  SIGN UP HERE!

APRIL 15 - 10-Pin Bowling Tournament |  SIGN UP HERE!

APRIL 28 - School Programs - Divisional Bocce Event |  SIGN UP HERE! 


APRIL 15 - Trinity Events Craft Sale |  SIGN UP HERE!


Committee Volunteer

Share your expertise and talents on a planning committee. Gain new leadership and organizational skills, or utilize your creative side by organizing a fundraising event or competition. You can also donate your skills to the regional leadership team, a committee that supports the programs and activities of each Special Olympics region in Manitoba. Meet new people and take pride in making things happen!


Office Support Volunteer

Are you available during the daytime and enjoy the office environment? Spend a few hours assisting staff with a mail-out, data entry or filing. Build your resume and gain new skills.


Other Volunteer Positions

Do you have a unique talent to offer Special Olympics Manitoba? We have photographers, singers for the National Anthem, newsletter designers, etc. Let us know what your skills are, and we will explore a possible match within the needs of the organization.

For more information about volunteering, please contact:

Kayla Kasian
Manager, Program Services
204-781-1714 (toll-free 1.888.333.9179)