Our School Programs allows students with an intellectual disability to build confidence in sport through quality training and competition; laying the foundation for an active healthy lifestyle.

The program allows students to train and compete in various sports as a member of their school athletics program. There are dedicated events during school time that are designed to build confidence and competence across a wide selection of Special Olympics Manitoba official sports; basketball, bocce, athletics and soccer. Each sport is offered during a specific season over the course of the school year, with specific milestones built in which ultimately leading to the competitive event. 

Students will develop the skills and experiences of young athletes in order to best prepare them for a lifetime of participation in sport and active living; while getting the student body involved in the lives of their peers with an intellectual disability through leadership and peer volunteering opportunities.

Check out our School Programs Brochure and this year's Schedule below:

For more information on School Programs please contact Steven Dreger at 204-915-8725 or sdreger@specialolympics.mb.ca