SOM Programming Memo - January 27th


To: SOM Stakeholders

From: Darren Hemeryck, Director, Sport

Date: January 27, 2022

Re: Resumption of In-Person Programming

As a follow up to the memo dated January 4, 2022, Special Olympics Manitoba is excited to announce that starting Monday January 31, 2022, all programs will be allowed to return to in-person programming while continuing to follow all current Government of Manitoba COVID related guidelines and protocols.  The resumption of programming will be approved on a program by program basis by the provincial office in consultation with the Head Coach of each program and their respective Regional Leadership Team.  It is important to note that it is not expected that ALL programs will immediately re-start due to any number of reasons (facility is not available, coaches/volunteers are not available, etc).  Athletes and parents/caregivers are encouraged to contact their programs Head Coach to discuss the next steps to return to program such as start date as well as a reminder of safety protocols that need to be followed while participating.

Athletes and parents/caregivers are reminded that virtual options are still available for those that are able to return to in-person programming as well as those that do not have that option available at this time.  Please check out for the up to date activity schedule and to join in on the fun.

Please remember to follow the basics to staying healthy and keeping your friends healthy…stay home if you are not feeling well, wear a mask when you are in public, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer and finally, get vaccinated if you are able.

Stay safe!