Global Athlete Congress - SONA Delegation Creates Athlete Survey

ATTENTION ATHLETES…We need your input!

10 minutes is all you need to complete this online survey. If you live in the USA, Canada or Caribbean, then we want your input. Your feedback will be discussed with the members of the North America delegation at the Special Olympics Global Athlete Congress, taking place in November in the Dominican Republic. All surveys must be completed by November 1.

Click HERE to complete the SONA Athlete Survey.

If we want the voices of our athletes to be heard, we need to provide them the opportunity to share their opinions. Members of the SONA delegation will speak on behalf of the athletes in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean so the goal is to have as many athletes as possible in our SONA region complete the survey.  Thank you for your support and assistance and congratulations to all of the athletes who will represent SONA in November at the Global Athlete Congress.

Thank you!