Please find athlete registration and program guide links below.

To register as a Coach/Program Volunteer (in any region)
please click here. 

Registration Forms:

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If your region is not listed below, it means that registration is not open yet for your region. Once program information is available, returning athletes will receive an email when registration for Eastman and Parkland is open.

Central Region Registration Form

Eastman Region Registration Form

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Norman Region Registration Form

Parkland Region Registration Form

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Winnipeg Region Registration Form


 Pay for your registration online by going here: *The online Square payment system issue is resolved.*

For information on programs in your region, including User Fees, click the Program Guide below:

Central Region Program Guide

Eastman Region Program Guide

Interlake Region Program Guide

Norman Region Program Guide

Parkland Region Program Guide

Westman Region Program Guide

Winnipeg Region Program Guide

If you need help registering, please contact your local Registration Coordinator from the list below:

Central Region: Michelle Goertzen -

Eastman Region: Cathy Wiebe -

Interlake Region:

Norman Region: Melissa Branconnier at

Parkland Region: Laurie Oakes -

Westman Region: Barbara Scott -

Winnipeg Region: