Regional Leadership Team

The Regional Leadership Team, in each of the seven regions of the province, is an operating committee of Special Olympics Manitoba. Each Team is responsible for the daily operations and finances of its region.


Regional Leadership Teams report to the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Manitoba first through the Regional Leadership Council, who then reports to the Sport Program Committee.



The Regional Leadership Team consists of the following:

Representation of the Region involves:

Method of Operation

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Regional Job Descriptions 

Position Responsibilities Estimated Time Regional Leader Responsible for chairing Regional meetings; Responsible for monitoring regional program needs; Other duties 5 - 10 hours per week Treasurer Responsible for handling the daily monetary affairs of the Regional Council; Submit bank reconciliation statement, receipts and disbursements journal; Writing cheques on receipt of requisitions and keeping receipts for all expenditures 10 - 20 hours per month Recorder Responsible for the taking of minutes at all Regional meetings; Responsible for distributing minutes to all council members following each regional meeting 5 - 10 hours per month Fund Raising Coordinate with the Regional Council and Special Olympics Manitoba the development and implementation of fund raising activities; 10 - 20 hours per month

Method of Operation

Process for Regional Affiliation

The new program is affiliated with the Region in which it runs:

As an accredited program of Special Olympics Manitoba you are entitled to: