Bring A Buddy Program

What is Bring a Buddy?

“Bring a Buddy” is a program where existing coaches invite individuals they know to a club practice.   You can bring a friend, family, a co-worker, even a neighbour.  This is a great opportunity for your buddy to see firsthand what coaching is all about and to get inspired by our athletes.

How do we participate in the Bring a Buddy campaign?

  1. Have the Head Coach of your SOM program designate a Bring a Buddy night before the end of November
  2. Ask your buddy to register: Bring A Buddy Registration Form
  3. Observe an SOM practice supervised by the head coach
  4. If your buddy enjoys the experience, they can apply to volunteer with us by applying on-line at

When can I Bring a Buddy to practice?

Your buddy can register anytime.  After registering, your buddy can observe a predetermined “Bring a Buddy” practice sometime before the end of November. The practice will be supervised by the head coach of the program.

Why should I Bring a Buddy to practice?

This is an amazing opportunity to show your buddy why you volunteer with Special Olympics Manitoba, how much fun you have at practice, and how fantastic our athletes are to train and work with. 

Oh, and you could win a prize!


Bring a Buddy Prizes!!!!

All prize draws are made on Monday, December 5th, 2022 - International Volunteer Day.

Who Wins?

  • All clubs that participate and have at least one buddy attend will be entered into a draw for a Pizza Party!
  • All referring coaches will be eligible for a prize draw
  • Attending buddies that pre-register will be eligible for a prize draw
  • Of course, our athletes of Special Olympics Manitoba are the biggest winners!

Prizes donated by Johnston Group and Special Olympics Manitoba.

All winners will be notified on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022.


If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or would like to register as a volunteer, please contact:

Kayla Kasian