Winnipeg Wolves Howl Onto The Scene

The Winnipeg Wolves' journey all began with a burning desire to bring soccer back to the Winnipeg Region after years of hiatus. Coach Kayla Kasian, a true go-getter, wasn't content with the status quo. She scoured her contacts, reaching out to past coaches and organizations, but finding a dedicated crew was no walk in the park. Then, just when things were starting to feel impossible, a game-changing moment happened – a potential athlete's cousin inquired about the soccer program. That spark of interest was all it took for Kayla and her partner-in-crime, Steve, to tag-team as co-head coaches and embark on their mission to resurrect the soccer team.

Recruiting the dream team wasn't a walk in the park. But these coaches were determined and rolled up their sleeves, enlisting a stellar squad of ten coaches ready to rock the soccer pitch and make the athletes shine.

Then came the season, and oh boy, it was an absolute blast. The highlight? A showdown of epic proportions between the Westman Cougars and the Winnipeg Wolves. The energy was electrifying as these athletes showed off their skills and sportsmanship. Fans, coaches, and teammates were in on the action, cheering their hearts out, proving that the joy of sport knows no bounds.

Kayla's experience as a coach was transformative. Initially nervous about her limited coaching experience, she discovered that her athletes and their support system created a warm and vibrant community. Practices turned into unforgettable gatherings, where every high-five and goal celebration brought a sense of belonging to the whole team.

The athletes of the Winnipeg Wolves proved to be among the most dedicated and hardworking individuals. Not only did they excel in their sporting abilities, but they also demonstrated exceptional teamwork and leadership. Their pride in their accomplishments and commitment to the sport was truly inspiring. With 24 athletes, some returning and some brand new, the Winnipeg Wolves represented the embodiment of inclusion. Athletes like Devan, who drove weekly from Pinawa to attend practices without complaint, embodied the team's spirit of dedication and unity.

Looking forward, Kayla's got some big dreams for the Winnipeg Wolves. She envisions a youth program, more growth, and even a shot at national and world games. The sky's the limit!

Soccer is a game that unites all. It's about skills, fitness, and teamwork. Whether you've got a killer shot or an amazing dribble, soccer lets everyone shine. The Winnipeg Wolves proved that soccer is more than just a game; it's a community, a family, and a feeling of pure belonging. From practices run by FC Manitoba to the support of Boston Pizza at their wind-up, and parents and caregivers who went out of their way to ensure the athletes and the team had the necessary equipment to play, the Winnipeg Wolves are a testament to the inclusive communities Special Olympics Manitoba is building across the province.

We’ll leave you with these parting words from Coach Kayla:

“I just can’t thank everyone enough for making the Winnipeg Wolves program what it is now. I am already counting down the days until May when we can all see each other again and work even harder than we did this past summer. Each athlete, coach, family/caregiver that is part of the Winnipeg Wolves is truly one of a kind and I feel so lucky to be a part of the Special Olympics Manitoba community.”


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